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Chamomile is a mild sedative.  Chamomile can also be anti-spasmodic.  Learn more about chamomile in this short published article on the herbal uses of chamomile. Chamomile – Published in The Link (Nov 08)

With chronically stressful situations, the myelin sheath which covers our nerve bundles can thin and become ‘frayed’. This sheath is where the nervous impulse occurs, and is very important to our internal communication system.  Learn how simple herbal recipes using oats can combat this type of degeneration.  Milkstage Oats – Published in The Link (Mar 09)

Studies show Nettles to help people with arthritis, allergies and benign prostatic hyperplasia (roots). Traditionally, it is used to stimulate milk production during lactation (also improves milk nutrient levels) and to ‘purify’ the blood (by aiding the liver.)  Learn more  by reading this article on herbal uses for nettles.Nettles – Published in The Link (May 09)

Inspiring recipes for making your own medicinal and herbal tea, or, for warmer months, medicinal and herbal iced tea!  Enjoy!Summertime & Tea – Published in The Link (July 09)

Our bodies know how to extract the medicinal constituents of plants and suffer few side effects.  Using whole plant medicine allows us to access a complete treatment system, which evolved over tens of thousands of years.  Learn more about what the 100 Mile Medicine concept is in this short, informative article.100 Mile Medicine – Published in The Greenzine (July 09)

Elderberry is a fantastic plant; lush with lore and has good food and medicinal value.  Learn delicious herbal and medicinal uses for elderberries in the article below.Elderberries – Published in The Link (Sept 09)

Here are some tips for using herbs to prevent and treat colds and flu.  Herbs & Flu Season – Published in The Link (Nov 09)

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