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Capturing Summer

Living in this northern climate, it seems that a lot of living has to be done during the summer months.  Winter can be long and harsh.  As a herbalist, I try to find ways of capturing that summer energy to save it for the more dreary days.  One way is with Lavender Honey.

Lavender, in bloom

Recipe for Lavender Honey

Pick long stems of lavender blooms.  They are best if picked just before the flowers fully open.  If you cut to the first set of leaves, it is possible that the plant will develop a second harvest.

Freshly cut lavender blooms

Cut the blooms, stems and leaves into a jar with some clean scissors.

Cut the flowers/stem/leaves into a jar

Once your lavender is cut into the jar, completely cover with honey.  Stir well.  Then let it sit in the honey for a while… I usually strain it in September.

Pour the honey over the lavender

When it is time to separate the lavender fiber from the honey, simply place the jar in a pot of hot water on the stove, until the honey warms to a thin consistency.  This cuts down on how much honey you lose when straining.  Once the honey is runny, pour it through a sieve into a fresh container.  Your lavender honey is now ready to eat.

This recipe blends the genius of the bees (honey), with the genius of the plant (brilliant aroma) with the genius of the human (Uhmm, to put the two together!)  When you pull this out of the cupboard on a dark cold morning in January, you will instantly bring a taste of summer into your day.  When you eat lavender honey on toast you will feel like a prince or princess!

Now, if you want to feel like a king or a queen, try making this recipe with the petals of fragrant rose!



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