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100 Mile Medicine – Published in The Greenzine (July 09)

Getting healthy and staying healthy with natural medicine is a key part of becoming sustainable as a society. Trying to steer clear of an overburdened medical system makes environmental, economic and social sense. Being healthy helps us to have the energy to make change in the world. Yet, consider this: how sustainable is your natural medicine? Big-business-plastic-produ cing supplements, fad herbs shipped from across the world or using endangered species may not be the best way forward.

As a Western Herbalist, I ponder these questions and wonder about my dependency. What would happen, if for some reason, I couldn’t get this particular item. I have always wanted to know that I could treat what ails me and those in my care, with plants that can be locally produced. There are many benefits by using the medicine that grows in our own ‘back yard’. It is also important to reduce or stop using plants which are at risk of extinction.

Each continent grows the medicine which we humans require to heal. The plants that grow near us are similarly acclimated to the conditions to which we are exposed. They can connect us to the very Earth on which we walk.

Using whole plant medicine allows us to access a complete treatment system, which evolved over tens of thousands of years. Our bodies know how to extract the medicinal constituents of plants and suffer few side effects. Using appropriate plants at correct dosing can bring incredible results. Empowering to know, that you could be growing your medicine.

The 100 mile diet is gaining momentum. “Let food by thy medicine and medicine by thy food!” said Hippocrates somewhere around 400 BCE. I would challenge us to more closely link our food and medicine and strive to find sources within this 100 mile radius.

Written by:  Marianne Beacon, RH

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