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Chamomile – Published in The Link (Nov 09)

Rest well, with Chamomile.

For some, the approaching long winter nights can be welcoming, offering a cyclical time for rest. Others may look on this time with dread, especially if sleep is difficult to come by. Chamomile is a well known calming evening tea, but it is also useful for more challenging times.
The dosage of herbs when used for medicine can be very important. Often, the dosage described on labeling is cautious. It is important to be careful, but sometimes this can limit the effectiveness of certain herbs. When using Chamomile to produce an effective response, it is necessary to use two tea bags (or 2 tsp) per cup of boiling water, and steep for 15 minutes. This can be drunk before bedtime, or left beside the bed for those who wake in the night.
Chamomile is a mild sedative, which helps produce and restore sleep, but it has other admirable attributes. This plant is a bitter, which helps to stimulate bile, aiding the digestive process. It is also a carminative, reducing gas in the digestive system. Considering that sometimes poor sleep can be due to poor digestion, it helps from several angles. Drink tea with meals to help tummy troubles.
Chamomile can also be anti-spasmodic. It has this quality when taken internally, as a tea, but can also be very effective when used in a bath. Using the same dose as above, add a pot of Chamomile tea to a hot bath to help relax the muscles. It soaks through the skin.
Give teaspoonful doses to babies and half or quarter cup doses to children, depending on their size for similar effects.
Chamomile supports the nervous system and helps promote relaxation – in a simple, safe yet effective way. Chamomile can help to make winter restful.

Written by:  Marianne Beacon, RH
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