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Herbs & Flu Season – Published in The Link (Nov 09)

It is here again, and everyone is in a tizzy! The flu has become a fantastically large event to loathe and fear. Everyone has to make their own decision about flu shots, but if you are interested, here are some tips for using herbs to prevent and treat colds and flu – even if you have gotten a flu shot.
Echinacea can be used preventatively or as a treatment. When not sick, set up a rotation of one week on, one week off. Also, use it immediately if you come into contact with someone who is ill. Dosage is 3-5 ml 3xday. If you start to feel ill, best time to use it is at the onset. Increase the dose to every 2 hours while awake. Once a cold has set in, it isn’t as effective, but still can be part of the treatment.
Astragalus is an immune stimulant – strengthening the immune system in humans, but unfortunately, it can also make the virus stronger. So, Astragalus is not appropriate to use while ill; it makes the battle bigger. While healthy, it can be used to decrease the frequency of debilitation. Dosage is 1.5-3 ml 3xday.
Goldenseal is an endangered plant; I use it sparingly. Most effective once a cold is ‘socked in’, it can be used to resolve the illness. Dosage is 1-1.5 ml 3xday.
Elecampagne is a wonderful plant which is relaxing to the mucous membranes, but also stimulates expectoration. It is antimicrobial and an immune, respiratory and digestive tonic. Definitely an under-appreciated herb. Dosage is 1-2 ml 3xday.
Change of Season Soup is a Chinese tradition that I have incorporated into my family life. A combination of herbs are cooked into a soup with whatever meats or veggies desired. Every couple of weeks this meal is prepared during the winter to keep everyone healthy. Tastes like food, acts like medicine. Go to the post for more information on this recipe.

Written by: Marianne Beacon, RH
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