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Marianne Beacon, RH, Registered Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Bowen Therapist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist

About Marianne Beacon

Marianne Beacon is a Registered Professional Herbalist, Advanced Bowen Therapist, Reiki practitioner, Transpersonal Therapist and teacher.

She has been training in the healing arts since 1994 and has a Diploma in Clinical Herbal Medicine, as well as over 2000 apprenticeship hours alongside traditional and professional herbalists and midwives.

Her focus is a Western Herbalist approach using whole plant medicine and flower essences. Marianne uses her skills in Bowen therapy both as a standalone therapeutic technique and as a complement to her herbal practice.

Bowen is a soft tissue therapy which particularly helps with pain and has been used to treat both chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and acute injuries including concussions.

Marianne brings a heart-centered approach to her work and she uses a combination of talk, touch and herbal therapy to offer a holistic approach to healing providing many safe and natural options for her clients. With multiple modalities available to her, Marianne offers the breadth and depth of her experience and knowledge to her clients in a co-creative and caring atmosphere. Clients are always in control of their own path to healing.

What are people saying about Marianne’s professional services?

“I went to Marianne with a whole cluster of concerns.  She helped clarify the relationships between my health issues, and prescribed herbal remedies as well as suggesting some simple changes in my eating habits. The results have [been] everything I could hope for; herbs work.” – Kate in Peterborough, Ontario

“I would highly recommend Elderberry Herbals. Marianne’s knowledge and understanding of her field is exceptional.  She is someone who truly works hard to see results and provides compassionate care” – Connie in Lindsay, Ontario

“I expected my injured coccyx to take weeks to heal.  I was in agony.   I am thrilled that 1 day after my Bowen treatment, I am able to return to work.  Thank you Marianne.” – Zoe in Bowmanville, Ontario

About s’Avantguarde – A healing salve

“We have found this product to be a very effective, all-natural topical for conditions of the skin and deeper tissue.  It addresses healing and inflammation very well.” – Dr. Uwaya Erdmann, ND, Peterborough Naturopath

“I have been using s’Avantguarde in my practice for a couple of years and have had great success with it.  Patients have had good results with using the salve for everything from eczema to burns to diaper rash.  I know some kids who refer to it as their ‘flower power’ cream!” – Dr. Susan Joyce, ND, Peterborough Naturopath

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