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Kathie Heasler, is a dedicated professional holistic practitioner who began her training in the healing arts while she was living in Kingston, ON. Kathie has over 13 years extensive training and experience in a wide range of modalities, including: Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and Ear Candling.

Over the years Kathie noticed that incorporating more than one modality in sessions lead to highly beneficial outcomes for her clients. With this discovery she developed a new treatment that combined several techniques offered through her business, AngelHands. An Intuitive Massage is a blend of therapies that promotes expansion of self-awareness while supporting client relaxation and advancement toward an optimal state of well-being.

The services Kathie provides are centered in compassion and grounded in sensitivity. She offers a gentle, intuitive, heart-aware approach to her work. No matter what treatment you choose a session with Kathie will leave you feeling balanced, restored, deeply relaxed, deeply nourished, cared for and rejuvenated. Some say she will leave you feeling like you have just been massaged by an Angel!

Client Testimonials

“After my first treatment with Kathie I was feeling 75% better almost immediately, then went back for another treatment two weeks later, and have been feeling 100% ever since. The combination of Kathie’s Craniosacral treatment along with the calming and grounded conversation I know is what healed my back pain. I will not hesitate to visit Kathie for treatments next time I am feeling pain, stress, or anxiety. Kathie does indeed have AngelHands!” Carley Stenson, Peterborough

“I first met Kathie about 4 years ago and I received an ear candling treatment. It was an amazing treatment and Kathie’s warm, kind, caring energy made me feel welcome. A few months ago, I had a very serious accident and was hospitalized. I knew I needed not only medical help but also spiritual and psycho-spiritual help. I contacted Kathie and she came to the hospital to start treatments for me. It was phenomenal – after each treatment I was more relaxed and could feel that my healing was progressing quickly. I highly recommend Kathie for energy treatments and healings – she is loving, compassionate, professional and sincere.” Marnie McBain, Peterborough

Kathie is a registered member with both the American Polarity Association, and the Ontario Polarity Association. She is also an allied member of the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America.

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