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Are you concerned about your drinking water?

I am. I have been purchasing clean filtered or spring water, but it has it’s problems, too. It is costly, and another errand I need to do each week.

I have found a water system that I am impressed with, though. It is an 8 stage tabletop filter which filters tap water. It removes all rust, sediments, bacteria, germs, parasites, cholorine, herbacides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial/organic/household chemicals, heavy metals, odor, colour and particulates. It also raises the pH to me more alkaline, which helps reduce acidity in the body. Importantly, it re-mineralizes the water with desired minerals. The filter is able to clean 20L per day! To read more about this filter, go to www.santevia.com.

The filter unit itself costs $180. Some of the filters components need to be replaced at various intervals. It breaks down like this. The first year, the cost spread out weekly is slightly over $5, a little more than buying one jug of spring water. The second year, the cost goes down to less than $2 per week. Less than buying one jug of Reverse Osmosis water. If your family uses more than one jug of water per week for drinking and cooking, you are instantly saving.

To place my first order, I need to find 8-10 people who would like to buy this system. I am available to answer any questions, by emailing, or calling 775-0255.

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