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Do you think you might have airborn allergies?

Airborn allergy testing is now available at Elderberry Herbals. With an easily administered, non-invasive skin test, find out if you are allergic to tree pollen, grass pollen, ragweed pollen, other weed pollen, cats or dust mites. Results within 20 minutes. Follow this up with a non-invasive homeopathic treatment protocol which helps to treat the root cause of the allergy. Testing and treatment has been studied rigorously, practiced in Europe for decades and is recognized by the World Health Organization. Results of treatment are usually seen within 3 months, however, many report a reduction in symptoms within the first few weeks. For those suffering seasonal allergies,
Feb/March is an ideal time to start treatment.  To see reports on clinical trials or for more information on Pollenguarde allergy testing and treatment, go to www.pollenguarde.com.
Allergy testing clinics will be held at Elderberry Herbals clinic on Feb. 6, Feb 28, March 28 or as part of a booked appointment.
For more information, call 775-0255.


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