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What can I do to lose weight?

There are many reasons why a person will put on weight or have difficulty losing weight.  If you find this challenging, then it is best to seek trusted professional help.
Many available diets tend to create more problems then they correct.  They may cause you to lose weight quickly, but the methods harm by lowering the Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR).  This sets up an unhealthy cycle of lose-gain.  Here are some safe tips to follow, when wanting to raise your BMR naturally.

Eat Breakfast!

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast prevents the crash and snack mid morning, but it does something else.  When we go long periods without eating, our body automatically stores everything.  Breaking the fast in the morning tells the body it is not starving, and allows us to burn the fuel.

Get up, Get Moving!  When you do your exercise early in the day (even a short walk) then the body gets the message that there are needs to fulfill.  Burn that fuel, because we are using it!

Eat Clean – Cut the Junk!  Treats are occasional, not daily!  When you eat whole unprocessed foods, your body gets the nutrients it needs.  With poor quality food, you may get the calories you need, but not the nutrients – so you crave more.  Supplementing with herbs or vitamins may be necessary for a time to get your stores up, but then you should be able access your nutrients from good quality food.   Herbs can help with trouble digestion.  Each person is different, it is best to ask a professional.

Spice it up!  Spicy foods can help raise the BMR.  If you cannot tolerate spicy meals, a few dashes of Cayenne in some water before you eat can do the trick, or as a supplement.

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